My Spoken Word

As I sit on the soft sofa sulking
Heart beating like the Djembe drums
I have been for preparing for this moment
Word after word
Line after line
Recited, reiterated
Excited that I had decided
To fight the fright of a limelight

With a mic on my shuddering hand
Rhyme after rhyme
Word after word
Wondering whether to wind or whine
Whisper of whimper
I slowly slide seemingly smooth
Smiling, face gleam, arms still shaky though

Through the thick, now thinning crowd
A strong spirit swiftly sweeps me
Freely fleeing all my fears
Floating my soul in a sanctuary
A high higher than high
A height like a hallucination
Display devoid of inhibition
Like the sound of many waters
The words flow
Voicing vowels and verbs,
Verses and vibes.
My spoken word.

Aug 07, 2006

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