The Buzz

Like the sound of a bee hovering around an orchid,
The buzzing sound was a fresh hit for 2004
Collecting and building tasty, juicy honey
A feast our eyes beheld
Cross and self pollinating popular pop population
Discovering budding talent, nectar from the flowers

The buzzing sound was like the Sunday melody
Songs of praise and worship
A praise of rising stars,
Shooting stars

But alas,
The sound that was once sweet soothing
Sweet like the nectar from the hibiscus flower
Is now but a praise of fallen stars
Like the devil, fallen angelic beings.
Fallen from grace,
Fallen from our gaze

The sound, like hyenas or vultures
Feasting on decaying matter
Guttering the press while pressing
To give matter to captured moments
Urinating, fornicating, child birth moments

Our once lit skies
Are now but a faint memory of a love grown soar
A dark cold night,
We can only peruse pages in the dark
Pages of darkness.

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