Haiya Haiya,

As I had mentioned, Harry Kimani was launching his new Album “Tuishi Mi Nawe” on the 24th Nov, 2006 at Alliance Francaise.
The event started at about 7.15(not as late as I expected, taking that most of their events don’t always start on time, no pun intended)

Bakawola an upcoming artist who does Afro Rock performed two songs ‘Maziwa’ and ‘A terrible pain’. The guy is talented very good voice and guitar playing skills.

There were not so many curtain raisers as there was no curtain in the first place. (they should change that to stage opener or something more real). So Harry Kimani was introduced by the MC for the night(can’t remember his name)and I must say from the minute he started performing it was like he was on a roll.

I have never seen such a performance before. A solo perfomance with just a Guitar in hand.
He performed all the songs in the album including some unreleased songs that he wrote after the album.
Among the songs that really got me feeling like dancing were:- His reindition of the Kenya National Anthem(Mutua, GOV spokesman, should consider contracting him during Gov functions)
Kanyoni gakwa(though he mixes English and his Mother tongue(Kikuyu)
Tushi Mimi (the title song for the Album)

Waithera took the house by storm and he had to perform it twice. This together with Nakumbuka(I must say, I didn’t think Harry was that good in free style Sheng, he really outdid himself )

I don’t know if I share this with anyone but I feel that Harry sounds more Authentic and real in his love songs when he sings in either Kiswahili or Kikuyu. There’s something about using english and common cliche words like ‘I don’t have diamonds or pearls’. it just doesn’t bring out the emotion.

In all this I realised one thing. KENYAN MEDIA (the so called FM STATIONS) are all about clique/family/ personal vendetta. How come I have never heard any other song by Harry except ‘Haiya’. yet, these are the same guys who were recording away every performance yet today in the morning as I was listening to Hot96(formerly Y Fm) who pride themselves in playing the best in African, I still heard ‘Haiya’. The chic was at the Venue(she said it herself).

Either there’s something am missing out or there’s a cult culture in our Media. That was my take.

All in all we had a great evening, CDs sold out and Harry autographed every one (including DJ CK who was in the house).

Buy the album and get to enjoy REAL KENYAN MUSIC.

Your comments will be highly appreciated. There’s a saying that goes, ‘you must be the change you want to see in the world’

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