Africa’s Ignorance of a Dying Society (AIDS)

I have always thought that scientists are the most bright people
Most learned, most elite, most Einstein
Staining our bleached minds with the power foam
Performing studies, research and forming powerful opinions
About matters of matter, anti matter, apples and samples

My thoughts on History’s Invented Views (HIV) have been molded by them
But no matter how much I want to agree with them on the cause
Like Newton’s scoffers, I vehemently ridicule this theory.

Once upon a time, there was a man
The man was walking in the forest one day
When he came upon a monkey
When the man saw the monkey,
He thought to himself,
“Now that monkey looks sexy”
“I bet its female”
And so he went closer,
And sure enough, the monkey was a she
A smirk cut right across his face
A bright bulb light his dark black brain
His black thoughts went on over drive
“Hey monkey, what do u say, me and you…………….”
The rest as they say is HIVstory, the HIV story

What does it take for a theory to be taken as the gospel truth?
The truth of Africa’s struggle with the western aid
The truth of Africa’s struggle with AIDS
The ignorance of a Dying Society
Ignorance of the real cause

What real cause? U ask!
Think of cause and effect
Effects of colonization of the mind and thought
Effects of slavery of the body, and soul
Effects of the brand “Africa full of diseases, poverty and war”
Effects of the short term and long term effects of these causes

I, like Isaac Newton, looking at the apple falling
Can look at our morals falling,
Our culture falling, our traditions falling,
And like him I will say
Now I know why the apple fell down and not up
Now I know why VCTs, chanuka, fungua roho are falling
Sideways and not on track

The cause,
The real cause of AIDS
Is our lack of knowledge of the real effects of Africa’s Dying Society
Africa’s Ignorance of a Dying Society

Poetry by N.W
05th Dec, 2006
(Written in support of the Fight Against AIDS in Africa)
All rights Reserved©

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