Kwani? ‘Stop Aids, Know Yours Status’

Yes, Kwani Open Mic was on Tuesday 05th(every first Tuesday of the Month.

The show started around 7.30(though indicated time is always 7.00pm)


True it was a great evening with lots of new artists,

1. MC Sharon
She’s an upcoming reggae MC. who will be launching her album in the 2nd week of

2. Winyo
Now, this is an artist who according to my opinion is very talented. He plays a
mix of Harry Kimani(He plays the guitar) and Abbi Kikwetu. Sings in Kiswahili,
Dholuo and Kikuyu.
If you have ever heard Ukoo Fulani Mau Mau’s Angalia Saa then you’ve heard
Winyo(they never mention him though) He is the one doing the chorus/bridge(Najua
unakotoka, najua unakoenda…………………)
The guy has never missed a Kwani sessions(from the days when he used to dress like an Accountant till now when he’s taking the afro look)
He performed ‘Nieleze’.
This is one guy who should be featured on Capital FMs Neo-soul or World Groove show(Its the only station that embraces Neo soul and African though still needs improvement)

4. Tonie
Also an upcoming Neo soul Artist
Very good Tenor vocals(he had the ladies screaming)
Watch out for him as well.

5. Offcourse GrandMaster Masese was there as well with his Obokano(sp)

In Poetry
There were quite a number of Poets as well with great perfomances from Dennis, Sonasha,Mochama and yours Truly with poetry ranging from the Theme to love and Abortion.

Bakawola was in the House though didn’t get to perform as the night had been fully booke(too bad, I was looking forward to hearing some AfroRock) Its still a new style which I found mixed quite well.

The MC for the night was Mwaniki, quite lively but misled the crowd by saying that it was my first appearance!! “How can you even say that!!”. ANyway, it happens.

KWANI? Open Mic is a great idea which I feel should be taken to the next level. Some creativity to make it bigger and better.

Hope to see you at the LITFEST (check Arts Diary below for details)

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