That was the theme for the last WAPI (Words And Pictures), a monthly event that brings together underground visual and performing artists. The event was on Saturday 16th Dec at the British Council in Upperhill. As promised it was a wrap-up show of the year which brought together the KWANI LITFEST Faculty members together with WAPI artists blending the two into a day full of Poetry, story telling (by Arthur Flowers who gave a most memorable performance) and off course hip-hop.

One thing that concerned me throughout and event and even there after was the direction WAPI might take. There were too many HIPHOP performances which were peaked by the last performer, Abass Kubaff.

The poetry was very limited, the only notable poetry was by Shailja Patel (most of the rest were repeat performances).

I feel that giving a repeat performance on the same forum is giving the audience a raw deal. Putting in mind that one is infront of the same crowd that was there the previous WAPI.

I urge poets to come up with new materials and incorporate different styles into their writing and performing.

Poetry is what makes HIPHOP what it is. The use of Rhythm, rhyming, symbolism etc.

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