Thriller TV Series Actors

The Golden Dreams Company (GDC) is currently looking for Actors for a Thriller TV series

They must be:-

a. Fluent in English & Swahili
b. Fresh talent
c. Have a detailed C.V with recent photo to their offices
d. Indicate Age & Mobile no

Applications need to be submitted to their offices before Thursday 11th Jan at 7pm

Casting will be done on Saturday & Sun 13th & 14th Jan

They are located on Ngong Road, Ring road Kilimani Junction opposite Prestige plaza. Suite E40, Natu Court

You can reach them on Tel: 3860195
0726 207989/ 0736 532475
Check out their website ( though they have not posted this advert on their page)
You can also try email them on

I hope it will be a beta version of Tahamaki (for those who can remember that proggie) it was rather fake, sorry to say, using toy guns and tomato sauce (as blood).

To reach the ranks 24 ( a very long shot) Kenyan actors need to stop being fake.

I got bored/embarrassed watching ‘Wingu la Moto’ because of unrehearsed roles and unconvincing actors with the trademarks of Kenyan acting i.e

1. Shaking head and/or holding hands Akimbo(mainly the women actors)
2. looking up in the ceiling everything when in deep though(are the scripts usually written there or is it usually a condition from the directors)
3. Pacing up and down
4. Lack of coordination of their actions and words( lack of ample rehearsing time)

I’ve always wondered:-

Do these people:-

1. Shower
2. Cook
3. Prepare food
4. Work in other areas except offices

I’ve never seen these scenes. Maybe am being too judgemental but I watched some clips from the Riverwood productions (Kihenjo), a Kikuyu comedy production. Theyn had scenes of a couple fighting inside a cowpen, in the shamba etc. Interestingly I enjoyed it more.

Mmh, now what does that mean.

Is Riverwood the next big thing in Kenyan Video Production?

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