If you are a novel fan then I am sure you have heard/read book(s) by Stephen king. Even if you are not a novel fan and prefer watching movies, then chances are you have watched a movie based on his work.

The author of Green Mile(made into a movie acted by Tom Hanks), Everything’s eventual (his latest short story compilation, which is a compilation of most horrific short stories I’ve ever read. My take after reading that book was that the guy has a sick sense of humour), The Modern Weird Tale, The Running Man plus many other .

Unfortunately, Stephen King was not able to make it for the Monday morning meeting with the CapitalFM crew but I spoke to Shaunice, the co-host of the Breakfast show. She informed me that they will try and get him in the course of today or tomorrow(will post the info once confirmed). They however had Ngugi Wa Thiong’o in the studio (though briefly), he will be launching his book today (check my latest post for more info)

For the record, their numbers are 244464 or send an sms to 0734 984984 or 0720 984984.You can also log on to for live streaming.

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