‘Murogi wa Kagogo’ book Launch; Kenya

Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, the author of ‘Ngaahika Ndeeda’, ‘Matigari ma Njiriingu’ and ‘The river between’ launched his latest book ‘Mùrogi wa Kagogo’ in a colorful ceremoney at the University Of Nairobi’s Taifa Hall on Monday 15th Jan at 3.30pm. He is also giving a series of lectures

Burial and resurrection of African Memory

First lecture: Monday 15th Jan 2007
Dis-Membering Practices: Planting European memory in Africa

2nd Lecture: Tuesday 16th Jan 2007
Re-Membering Visions: Raising African Memory from the Dead

3rd lecture: 17th Jan 2007 @ 3.30pm
REMEMBERING Africa: Memory, restoration and African Rennaisance.

Venue: Taifa Hall, University of Nairobi

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