Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi Finally Honoured !

A wise man once said…………………………………………………Never give up the struggle.

And just beacuse you dont speak too loud does not mean you have lost the battle.

Things change. After years of pleading, fighting and demanding by the Mau Mau, they finally get some respect.

Today was a great day for us………..The Government of Kenya finally unveiled the statue of Freedom Fighter DEDAN KIMATHI. On Dedan Kimathi street right next to the Hilton Hotel.

He led the Mau Mau revolution against the British Colonialist in the 1950s. He fought hard from the bushes of Central Kenya. He was later caught by his own people; home guards who worked for the British. The British tainted his name and labeled him a terrorist, an everyday thug to many he was a iberator a freedom fighter but freedom doesnt come easy, because the same people he was fighting for helped in arresting him.

Kimathi was inhumanely executed in 1957 and his body was never handed over to his family for burial. Until today, the British colonialists have never explained to Kenyans where they buried Dedan Kimathi. Where is Dedan Kimathi’s body, what happened to it?

But the freedom struggle did not end there. Kimathi’s death made the Mau Mau even more committed to winning the war. Kimathi had trained more field, marshals, commanders and many men with all sorts of ranks. They kept fighting until 1963 when the British retreated and gave Kenya its independence. I wonder how the same home gurads feel now that they know it is Dedan Kimathi’s fight for freedom that gives them the opportunity to enjoy what they have now.

The British achieved alot in brain a washing our people. For decades Kimathi remained a terrorist even in the eyes of black Kenyans. Tow successive black-Kenyan governments never considered Kimathi as a hero. The Kenyatta government did not consider it………..and there’s no guessing what the Moi government thought. Thats because these governments were puppets of the colonial masters. They have always wanted the British mans lifestyle so to the Deadn Kimathi was a terrorist too.

So they never questioned the British about the whereabouts of Kimathi’s body……NO that was not a trivial matter. Their were other important things on the plate like amassing millions and millions of hectares of the best Kenyan land.

But things change…………………………Kenya gained its second independence in 2002 and the Kenyans of today want Change. The first is to honour its heros. Second is to make sure their families are taken care of accordingly. So we are still asking where they put Dedan Kimathis body and one of these days the truth will surface.

DEDAN KIMATHI: A Majestic warrior, a true fighter of todays freedom. Honoured at last. His statue, standing strong in the center of Nairobi.

This is the only other statue of a RASTAMAN in the world after Bob Marley’s statue at the Bob Marley Museum, Kingston Jamaica.

Keep fighting for what you believe in. Even though the sky might look gloomy now, the rewards of your struggle are somewhere around the corner.

Article courtesy of Buddha Blaze

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