An African Chant of Neo Soul

It started with Erykah Badu, later with Zap Mama and Les Nubians. Karen Bernord is now perfecting this enchanting new music genre.
An emerging new kind of Neo soul, that which is influenced heavily by the percussions,chants and/or language from Africa, ‘Neo African Soul’

You only need to hear “Makeda” by Les Nubians, “Rafiki”, Bandi Bandi’ and many other songs by Zap Mama a group of congolese descent and now “African Chant” to realise what am talking about.

When I heard Karen Bernord’s ‘African Chant’ I was enchanted. The use of African Drums, the intonation and basically the rhythm is amazing.

Chances are, it will take ages before you get to hear this song from our so called ‘Local FM stations’ so don’t even request for it. Visit her website to sample her music. While at it, also search for ‘Les Nubians’ with their song “Saravah” (a collaboration with Manu Dibango)

Here’s a clip of ‘Makeda’ by Les Nubians

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