Lorenzo Owens ……..My Neo soul Musings

Lorenzo Owens, who graduated from Brown Deer High School, was a finalist in Oprah Winfrey’s Popstar Music Challenge.

Sometimes, it’s simply a case of mother knows best. When Lorenzo Owens was growing up, he always sang around the house but was reluctant to join the church choir. Finally, his mother signed him up and made him go. Now Owens, 34, a 1989 graduate of Brown Deer High School, makes his living singing to audiences. He recently signed a recording agreement with D-Town Records. His new CD, “After the Show,” was released this fall.
“I’m still somewhat shy until you put me on stage,” Owens says. “Then, it’s a different story.”
Owens was one of about 15,000 people who submitted a tape for Oprah Winfrey’s Popstar Music Challenge. His tape was selected and he ended up appearing on her show four times last year. He was one of three finalists and impressed the judges, the audience and Oprah herself with his powerful and soulful voice.

My though is: He has striking voice resemblance with Anthony Hamilton who is also a Neo Soul Artist.

Every time I post an article on Neo soul music, World music and Jazz I fail to see the purpose more than 10Fm stations play in the Entertainment industry in Kenya.

Is there a constant need to copy each other playing the same genres of music(Kapuka, rap,reggae etc) all the while ignoring the existence of other forms of Music that dwell less on sex, promiscuity, violence and bragging. Whatever happened to the essence of music?

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