Finally!! A Neo Soul club in Nairobi

It was last Saturday after WAPI(yes it was last Saturday and it was fantastic) Kudos to Mwafrika(My take is, he makes a very good MC, entertaining and very informed)that I was informed by Buddha Blaze(thanks man!)of a new club/restaurant that will be playing Neo-soul every Saturday evening from 10.00pm till very late

Located in Westlands, a few meters away from crooked Q is ‘Daas’ .An Ethiopian restaurant situated on the first floor with a superbly traditional setting and a splendid coffee aroma.

DJ Zaq(yes you guessed right, the resident DJ at WAPI) is the Neo-soul DJ at the Daas. He is the only DJ I have ever known mix Neo-soul music. His taste of Neo soul is poetic(heard him mix Zap Mama feat Badu’s Bandi Bandi).

This Saturday (17th) will be a special one as they will also be featuring live performances(I hope Kenyan neo-soul artists will be gracing it).

You can trust that I will be there, can’t wait.

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