Neo Soul Intermarries with Reggae and French!!

‘Brothers & Sisters’ is a track from the album ‘One step Forward CD’ by the Group Les Nubians. The song features Morgan Heritage blending Neo soul, reggae and French.

Les Nubians is the name of an “Afropean” R&B Grammy-nominated duo composed of sisters Hélène (born 1975) and Célia Faussart (born 1979) from Bordeaux, France. Although born in France, the sisters moved with their parents to Chad in 1985. Seven years later, they returned to their home country.

“Music is every moment of our lives,” says Helene FAUSSART, one half of the Afropean hip hop/R&B duo Les Nubians. Helene and her sister/bandmate, Celia, found that this feeling connected them with people in Jamaica, Egypt, Cameroon, Chad, London, their native Paris and other locales around the world as they embarked on the journey that led to their newest album ‘One Step Forward.’

“Brothers & Sisters” is a song of unity and praise to the Almighty, transcending the Neo Soul to the reggae world, our Brothers & Sisters.

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