In what I presume will be from the inspiration of the late Wahome Mutahi, Kikuyu plays are back(this time not at Citrus hotel) Fanaka Arts Theatre, the Makers of NDAGŨTHAITHA TIGĩRA HAU will be presenting a play ‘BENTA HORERA’ at the Kenya National Theater on:-

26th & 27th -6.30pm, 28th 6.00pm, 29th -3.00pm & 6.00pm Charges will be 200 P.P

For Bookings, call 0721 86 33 70 or 0722 78 22 15

From the look at their poster and flyer whose theme is all in Kikuyu, it looks like they are very focused on what they are set out to do ‘Ũka Tũkwegeke’ which means ‘come we make you laugh’.
No pun intended to the Phoenix team but the Englishman jokes and acting have never been my cup of tea as far is theater entertainment is concerned.
I am therefore looking forward to watching this play as I am sure the actors will have no language barrier problem on how to express themselves. Only problem will be, the language being a barrier in itself to all audiences.
Well, am sure ‘Fanaka’ already thought that through.

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