Hugh Masekela coming to Kenya; ‘Grazin the grass’ at the Aboretum

Despite not being able to organize a Jazz festival in March as promised, The Sarakasi Group, this time in Conjunction with Sound Africa(the soul distributors of Putumayo World music) will bring you a night full of Jazz, Neo Soul and Afro fusion at the Arboretum on Saturday 2nd of June 2007.

The African Jazz Maestro, Hugh Masekela together with Ayub Ogada (whose song, Kothbiro featured as the sound track for ‘The Constant Garderner’ movie) will be the main acts for this event. Among the Kenyan artists also expected to perform will be Harry Kimani, Abi, Helon and Achieng Abura.

Reliable sources from Sound Africa confirmed that THE EVENT WILL BE ABSOLUTELY FREE.

There will also be a reggae performance at the Kasarani Sports Grounds on 3rd June with Burning Spear expected chant conscious music to his revelers.

NB. I had the privileged to collect this info before it goes to the mainstream media. For more information, contact Maimuna of Soundafrica on 0720 264566

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