By faith

By Faith,
I fight to fathom
How did I come to pass?
Scriptures, theology schools, scribes
Seeking, in search of
A prophecy, an epistle, a prediction
From the beginning till the end
The beginning of a revelation
The revelation of a beginning

Like the stories of our people,
Of their ways, warriors, woes
This faith, these fables
The tales remain with no remnants
Too many cooks, crooks cloaked in cloth
Differing on dates, deities and dogmas

So many scribes, so many scriptures
So many religions, so many legions
Swaying, striving to save souls
To salvage from sin, from sacrilege
Sacrifice self to serve thee
Surrender thy life to live for thee

I seek answers for slavery,
Racism, fascism, tribalism
I seek answers for missionaries
Bible on one hand, a fire blower on the other
Colonization of the body, mind to the subjection
Of the word, of their word

When I pose a question, you choose a quote
When I question a quote, you quit quietly
Quench this thirst throbbing on my soul’s throat
Fill my empty heart’s cup with answers on this faith

Inspired by a series of lectures ‘Burial and resurrection of African Memory’ delivered by Prof. Ngũgì Wa Thiong’o after the lauch of his book Mũrogi wa Kagogo
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