What happened to the Music?-

Still hear Donny playin’ them keys
Sangin’ one day we’ll all be free
Can’t even turn on my radio
Somebody hollerin’ bout a bitch or a hoe

……….. Where’d the music go?
It’s all just for the dough
It ain’t songs no mo’
Where’s the music gone?

Indeed, the Music Industry’s pledge of artistic revolution has become a pipe dream. Fortunately, every so often, a change comes and redefines what music was, what music is.
Neo Soul Artist are picking the mantle from where Soul Legends like Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Marvin Gay and many other left off on MUSIC. The soul of Music. Leela James’ voice and music, defies conventionalism.

Like Leela I ask
Where’s the music gone
Fresh crunky hit of beats
Watered down beats and scenes
Is all I see and hear on every street
on every tv and stereo station
its the same everythere
Los Angeles to L.A Lang’ata
Who killed music!

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