Judith Sephuma Performing Tonight at NPC Karen.

As promised, I have been trying to get the information on Judith Sephuma’s Visit to Kenya. Apparently, she is performing tonight alongside Donnie McClurkin. He is a Gospel Music Artist based in the US and is quite famous for hits like ‘Stand’, live in London and More.
Judith Sephuma has also done various Gospel Jazz songs though she is more popular as an Afro-Jazz Artist.

I received this information rather late and its unfortunate that I was not able to make it for the press briefing and interview(which were at 12pm). I, together with other Jazz enthusiasts will miss the performance which is today starting at 5.30pm at Nairobi Pentecostal Church Karen.
(Below is a sample of the press release.)

Donnie McClurkin, an Award Winning Gospel singer, and Grammy nominee will be in Kenya for a powerful one night concert.

His entourage includes; Judith Sephuma, a top South African Jazz and Afro-pop singer famous for her hit song “A cry, A smile, A dance”, The McClurkin sisters, Lionel Peterson of Integrity music and our very own Pete Odera

The 47-year-old gospel singer, best known for his hit songs “Stand” and “We Fall Down,” will take the stage on 8th August at Nairobi Pentecostal Church, Karen from 7pm with doors opened to the public as early as 5.00pm.

Pastor Donnie will hold a press conference on 8th August 2007 beginning 2:15pm at the Nairobi Pentecostal Church in Karen.

The event was organised by ‘Corporate Talk’

I guess it was not a Jazz concert after all. Well, perhaps next time.

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