Les Nubians Coming to Kenya

Les Nubians , an “Afropean” R&B Grammy-nominated duo composed of sisters Hélène (born 1975) and Célia Faussart (born 1979), will be coming to Kenya for a 2 day performance. The Neo-soul Duo together with Kenyan artist Shu(pronounced shoe) will have a show this friday, 24th Aug at Club Galileo and at the Sarit center on 25th Aug (saturday)
(one step forward cd cover)

The first show at Galileo club will be an exclusive VIP event with tickets going for Ksh. 3,000 each, however at the Sarit, a more pocket friendly rate of Ksh. 1500 for VIP and Ksh.1,000 for
normal seating will be charged.

Les Nubians hit the Kenyan airwaves(Capital FM to be specif) a while back with their hit Makeda off their first Album, Princesse Nubienne. They currently have 3 albums including ‘One step forward’ and Les Nubians presents echos, chapter one.

Some of their other noted hits include, Temperature rising, a colabo with Talib Kweli, Sarava with Manu Dibango and ‘Brothers & Sisters‘ with the reggae group Morgan Heritage. Indeed the duo traverses various music genres to come up with a unique music blend of their own that comprises of an afro soul beat with french lyrics

I am looking forward to the performances though me thinks that the venues might not draw the targeted crowds as the group will appeal mainly to Neo soul die hards and the french. A more strategic venue would have been Alliance Francaise for various reasons, they are more intouch with the french expatriates and french speakers, again the kind of music that Les Nubians plays is not mainstream.

(The event is proudly sponsored by Celtel, Capital FM and Nu-Metro Cinemas)

Born to a French father and Cameroonian mother, Helene and Celia learned how to sing at a young age. Inspired by a backstage meeting with jazz singer Abbey Lincoln (who encouraged them to “do it-the greatest thing in the world is to be a singer!”), the group pursued their music relentlessly. Their debut “Princesses Nubiennes” was a successful amalgam of the music they’d experienced during their life travels, combining their African roots with jazzy nuances, funky rhythms and a hint of British soul, all delivered in their uniquely elegant French style. A long and varied list of musical influences are attributed to Les Nubians’ distinctive sound, including Miriam Makeba, Ella Fitzgerald, the Fugees, Fela Kuti, and Jazzie B of Soul II Soul.

The sisters met and worked with traditional folk musicians, as well as artists at the apex of every genre from Afro-jazz to British breakbeat to Cameroonian hip hop. In addition to working on their own material, Les Nubians appeared on 14 different recordings by an assortment of other artists, spanning the globe and crossing genres – from Towa Tei, Black Eyed Peas and Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek to the acclaimed Red Hot series on “Red, Hot & Riot” and “Red, Hot & Indigo.”

Les Nubians had their work recompensed by a 2004 GRAMMY AWARD nomination for the track “J’veux d’la musique” in the Best Urban Alternative R&B category, along with Outkast, Erykha Badu, Kelis and Music Soulchild.

According to Celia, “Music is a great way to transmit a cultural background. Making this record was, in part, a way for our generation to give tribute to musicians we’ve looked up to and see that their music gets the recognition it deserves.”

(an Excerpt of the lyrics to the song Makeda)
On veut nous faire croire (One wants to make us believe in lost myths)
Falsifies et revus De Ramses a mandela, (Passages of the history falsifiès and re-examined)
Que de verites tues De Ramsès (with Mandela, that truths kill)
En ignorant le depart, on erre sans but. (By being unaware of the departure, one wanders without goal)

Makeda etait reine, belle et puissante (Makeda was queen, beautiful and powerful)
Salomon revait de sa peau noire (Solomon dreamed of his black skin )
Je chante pour raviver les memoires
(I sing to revive the memories)
Exhumer les connaissances (To exhume knowledge)
Que la spirale du temps efface. (That the spiral of time erases)
La reine de saba vit en moi (The Queen of Sheba lives in me)
Makeda vit en moi. (Makeda lives in me.)

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