Black Maria Strippa @ The Kenya National Theatre

Black Maria Strippa Is Dramatic Production based on the life of Maria who is a sister (nun). Maria has gone through a lot in life. After a life as a stripper , she runs to a Muslim Sheikh seeking to change her life. Soon after, she starts going out with a rich guy who happens to be a common business man. She is however rescued by Father Gabriel who brings her to the convent, a safe haven from her past. However her past keeps hunting her. The Sheikh turns up and accuses her syphilis. So does a Mokorino.

The play is about the antagony in Maria’s life between her past which is damning and a future that she is seeking. One might look at it as a way of denial or escapism but Maria is Passionate about becoming a reformed being. Her ardor to live a normal life despite all the odds being against her enthralls her audience and defies stereotype thinking that her detractors might harbor against her from the onset of the play.

The cast and roles given of religious figures is sure to raise eyebrows and I am sure many will go out of curiosity. It is rated ‘Adults only’ thus there will be some explicit scenes.

Get in touch with James Maina on to get your ticket or call
0726 871 685

Advance tickets (before Friday) are Ksh. 250, at the gate, Ksh. 300 P.P

Watch out for a review most probably on Monday.

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