Welcome to America, Doom of the free

Mines,Mind Fields

Welcome to America,
Land of the brave and the free
Welcome to the doom of the free
Where we are still washed
Faith washed, whiter than the snow we seek
Garment washed, half naked our women walk on the streets
Language washed, our mother tongues are just, but other tongues
Brain washed, slaves of our own accord

Welcome to America,
Land of the freed slaves and their souls’ graves
Welcome to the doom of the free
Where we are still submitting,
Submission of the flesh to their experiments
While they test Drugs, AIDS, Abortion and birth control on us
Submission of their will on us
To drain our mines, minds
Darfur, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Congo mines
Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, geek’s minds

Welcome to America
Land of the Ku Klux Klan and the fleeing saints
Where we are still giving our hearts to their white gods
As they list new sorts of sins and ordain fagots to the alter
Altering our faith in their white gods
For we killed, buried and forgot our own God
From our minds and lives.

Welcome to America
Land of the super powers, the big brothers,
Welcome to the doom of the free
Where our brothers & Sisters were Shipped
To sugar and cotton plantations,
Slaves to white masters
Our brothers and sisters who fought
Fought to be free
Fought to sing victory songs
Uhuru Africa
Uhuru Mwafrika
Uhuru kwetu Waafrika
To return to their motherland
To abode with our ancestors

Now we, their remnants, migrate from Africa to the Americas, Europes,
Like wildebeests from the Mara
As we jump, running from the IRS, FBI, CIA, Customs,
Crocodiles in the American money rivers
Lowering our dignity, divinity, civility
Juggling three jobs and education
Standing behind cash registers, janitors, cooks and living in the projects
As we clean old folks grappling with a dream
Of making it in the land of the free

Welcome to America, Negro,
Now, here’s some forms to join the US Marines
First assignment- Iraq or Somalia,take a pick
and fight for your Country!

Dedicated to all Africans struggling to make it in foreign lands
All rights Reserved©

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