Sasini Opens another Coffee Lounge at the Museum of Kenya;Savannah NMK Lounge

Late last year, Sasini Tea and Coffee Company, more known for its growth and export of Kenyan tea and coffee, opened one of its many chain coffee lounges to be set up both in Nairobi as well as Dubai and London. The lounge was an instant success for many coffee lovers who were looking for more venue varieties, value add and the ultimate ambiance.

Barely 5 months after opening their first lounge, Sasini recently unveiled yet another coffee lounge slightly away from Nairobi’s CBD.

The National Museums of Kenya(NMK) headquarters located on museum hill is a place that had been closed for renovations and upgrade for close to 2 years. It was finally opened fully to the public early December with alot more to offer; Situated at the newly constructed wing of the NMK that also houses a vast exhibition space spanning two floors, Savannah NMK lounge is right adjacent the entrance and also neighboring an African Heritage shop.

I visited this new spot slightly over a week ago having frequented the Loita Street one before. What I loved most about the NMK coffee lounge was the balcony. It has a vast terrace that overlooks the snake park, giving one the great outdoor scenery of tall trees that one craves when they visit the nature park at the Museum.

The spot is hoped to, not only target the huge number of residents and non residents frequenting the historic and educative hub, but also to attract those living within the parklands/westlands area as well. They are open, everyday from 7.30am to 8.30pm ( closing times are flexible). Their menu consists mainly of sandwiches and refreshments.

I overheard that they are currently in talks with a publishing house to jointly run poetry evenings at the lounge. That, I think, will be a great value add to them as the Museum already has that artistic feel to it and what could be more thrilling than art enthusiasts taking an afternoon/evening to get a dose of performing arts, literature and culture all in one setting.

If you haven’t been to the museum lately, you are in for a surprise. Resident charges to the exhibition space are only Ksh.100(adults). By the time you are done with the 2 hour tour, you will definitely need a drink/bite and thats where the Savannah Coffee lounge comes in.

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