Someone killed Music!!

Like Leela James I ask
Where’s the music gone
Fresh cranky hit of beats
Watered down beats and scenes
Is all I see and hear on every street
on every TV and stereo station
it is the same everywhere
Los Angeles to L.A Lang’ata
What happened to the Music?

I ask, what happened to the soul
Coz all I hear is commercial sloth
Generated beats,
Gesticulated hits,
Gyrating hips,
Glorifying pimps,
What happened to the music?

I don’t even turn on the radio no more
I can’t even ride in peace no more
Can’t watch videos no more
Don’t want to hear this no more
What happened to the music?

Empty rhymes deprived of sense
Bare skins deprived of essence
Abusive lines describing sisters
Obtrusive lifestyles defining souls
What happened to the music?

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