No light to Ignite Poets at Wasanii

Yesterday would have been the launch of a new forum for poets and Poetry enthusiasts at the recently re-launch Wasanii Restaurant at KNT. I was all psyched ready to go support a fellow poet, Grand Master Masese as he brought the Ignite Poetry show to Nairobi(all the way from Toronto, Canada)

I arrived at KNT at around 7.30(fashionably late for an event that slotted to start at 7.00pm Coz I know Kenyans and keeping time). I thought I’d start hearing sounds of music or some powerful spoken words electrifying the rather cold evening but all I got was the blaring sounds of NTV jioni with news of Waititu (now our MP) clinching the Embakasi seat despite also having a pending court case- apparently he had tried bribing a Kenya Anti corruption official (ehehhehe, talk of being addicted to corruption and being stupid at the same time). I was undecided over who should get that seat, a self confessed corrupt thug or a silent double dealer in adopting lights and only using the name Muthoni to appease the very many Kyuks living in Uyole and Karoifang’I (kyuk version of Kariobangi) but I digress.

As I walked upstairs, I could see Grandmaster engaged in a heated argument with one of the staff at Wasanii. The crowd was seated outside at the terrace ardently watching news. At first I thought I’d gotten the timing wrong, maybe it should have been at 8.00.I looked around for some familiar faces and in seeing none, just resolved to seat somewhere I could also contribute my eyeballs to the glimmering screen.

Grandmaster finally came around and I wanted to know what was happening. Apparently the Wasanii management had bailed out on him a day to the event, they never provided the equipment nor a DJ to work on sounds and stuff. He was so annoyed his baby locks were all up in the air seemingly straightened by the anger. He was courteous enough to explain his predicament and his next course of action, I advised him to check out the great place whose name I can’t seem to remember that is located at Chester house (lovely artistic ambience). He was collecting contacts and would send guys info on the new date and venue.

James Murua walked in as we were discussing this and his reaction was like mine, “Am I too early or too late” he asked.

Well, all was not lost, Murua joined us and we started discussing Grand Masters’ online wars with Eudiah Kamonjo. I honestly fail to understand the need for artists to use the net for personal attacks against fellow artists. I do reviews and critiques on this blog and the essence is in the content of the reviewee or critiquee (u get the drift) and not what they were wearing or their performance whose essence was irony and humor (the piece grandmaster is being attached for is ‘I am the Hip-hop Dunderhead). That just goes to show that the person doing the critique is either 1. feigning to be one 2. is like a fish out of water (they have no idea of what they are reviewing/critiquing),3. They have personal vendetta or all 3 combined.

I think that the one thing that sets aside artists from other people apart from spotting the dreadlocks trademark is in their clothing and this only goes to depict creativity, lack of confinement in corporate suites and Kenya uniforms (the phenomenon with Kenyan ladies of always wearing the clothes in fashion).

Anyway, the rift is giving Eudiah a lot of hits to her articles on haiya, so maybe that was the whole idea.

Back to Wasanii. We left the place at around 9.30 after hearing a rags to riches story from Murua on how his Nairobi living website (always referred to as a blog) started and how far it has brought him. I was all ears, pen and paper on hand to write notes on – Making money off your blog. My only problem is, I can’t compromise my love for art with gossip. Then again, it doesn’t all have to be about money. Call it a lab our of love.

Check out Grand Master’s Wall on face book for updates on the real debut Ignite Poetry show

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