BarCampers Set Nairobi on Fire!

On Saturday I attended the much anticipated BarCamp. For me(and maybe also for many who came) it was a chance to not only horn my skills in blogging but also meet the faces behind the great blogs, local applications and cool tools and My! they were in plenty.

I together with my fellow Sports buff, & blogger, sportskenya arrived at the event at 10.00am and already the event was packed with various guys signing up, others helping themselves to the lots of hot drinks and snacks that had been laid out.

At first I couldn’t see any familiar faces but as I filling in the ‘manual’ roll call MentalAcrobatics appeared heavily armed with a huge Camera whose photos I still haven’t seen yet. He was my ticket to ‘uncovering bloggers’.

Many thanks to Gichingiri Kuria for the ubercool poster!

He(Mentalacro) introduced me to Bankelele (whom I highly respect as a serious dependable figure in giving information on the stock market and finance sector), Hash of WhiteAfrican and the skunkworks team.

Ugo of Nariobinow had been waiting to meet the KenyanPoet(who was clearly marked with a labeled tag) and we exchanged quite a number of ideas on growth as our blogs target the same readers. Watch this space for big tings.

There was an intro by Hash and a brief on which sessions were on and in which rooms. There were three rooms, each sponsored by the 3 main sponsors namely,, ICTBoard and Ushahidi.
Some of the sessions I managed to go for were:-

There was also the lightening session in which I also gave my 2cents worth in challenging coders and designers to come up with our own online communities for book lovers like Shelfari and other goodies to the book lovers(talk of being selfish….lol)

Some of the other bloggers & coders I met were:- Sikumoja(A Nairobian’s Perspective), Girl in the Meadow, MotoBaridi(catchy eh!), Mashinc and Alkags.
(pls holla if I forgot you)

Images of this event can be found here, here and some videos here. Enjoy

I sure hope we’ll have other such forums to learn, exchange ideas and encourage each other that we are not just idle youths with free internet(as Kenyan local media so describes us).

I understand only one media house was there and their story was actually not about BarCamp but about Google, their office, work and dress ethic and how they organized this huge convention for geeks(hehehhe, ok, that last part was mine)

CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO, Nation Media Group’s managing editor for convergence and new products. wrote in the The East African Newspaper, “Put not your faith in graduates, Africa’s future lies in the blogs”.

I especially loved this part “All sorts of ordinary folk — secretaries, housewives, drug-crazed youths, and so on — are now “citizen journalists,” contributing popular stories and pictures that are attracting millions of readers. In this situation, it’s making less and less sense to hire a journalist because he has a degree, if he’s a wooden fellow who can’t write a blog to rival the housewife’s.”

I say Amen to that & Blog On Bloggers!

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