Tim Mwaura Takes the Slam Poetry Title

On Friday 11th July, 11 slam poets were at Dass Restaurant ready to battle for the much publicized slam poetry competition. Poetry fans had thronged the place by 9.pm, the scheduled start time for the slam. The place held more than the recommended capacity as half the crowd had to stand at the back (near the bar counter) as all seats were occupied.

Neema Ngwatilo started of by warming the stage with her legendary ‘Goat Meat’, a piece that always showcases her prowess in stage performance and her ability to take the audience into her journey of this delicacy(which is off course a deep piece about more than just goat meat).

The event emcee for the evening was Imani. Blaze was behind the scenes making sure that we got the best of underground hip hop and Neo soul music ( I didn’t know Guru had such great music).

Soon after Imani welcomed the crowd and gave a brief of the evening and basic rules of the slam, the first poet, Dennis Inkwa came up to the stage. His piece on the many women who came into and out of his life, left everyone in tears of laughter. He has this thing with accents that he seems to have perfected and it worked very well for his performance. However, being the first act, the judges were a bit reserved in their scores and so he was not able to make it back on stage.

The next slam poets were, Sad, James with a piece on matata, Tim, Black Skillz, Number 8, Obaladan with a hilarious piece on his ‘Mujojo’, Afiya, Kawira, Eudiah and yours truly, N.W with a piece on ‘Matatu Culture

Only 6 slammers (they should have been 5 but there was a tie) were able to make it to the 2nd round:- Tim, Obala, Blackskillz, Sad, No.8 and Kenyanpoet(the only lady to make it to the next round, but do I say)

The final round was between Tim, Obaladan and No.8, Tim Mwaura came out as the Slam Champion with 28.5Points beating his closest opponent with only 2 points.

It was an evening full of fun although the rules for the slam were not followed strictly. It was however a great start as there will be other such slams held every end month. The aim; to come up with the ‘Kenyan slam dream team’ that will go on to start the concept of slam in countries where WAPI has presence (Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria etc)

For me, like the other slam poets, it was a chance to gauge oneself in all aspects of content, flow, stage presence, crowd involvement and guts.

I can promise you that Tim will not have it easy in the next slam (that’s a challenge to me). All those who came for the event felt that it was an evening well spent and most signed up for updates on the next Slam Poetry event. Keep it here for info on the next Poetry Slam event.

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