Foreign Correspondent’s Literary Image of Africa – From Stanley To Kapuscinski

FROM STANLEY TO KAPUSCINSKI – How foreign correspondents have formed the literary image of Africa.

A panel discussion featuring
Binyavanga Wainaina, Jonathan Ledgard, Maryanne Fitzgerald
Moderated by Steve Bloomfield

23rd July 7 pm, start at Alfajiri, Maalim Juma Road, opposite Royal Media

“We went into the heart of Africa self-invited — therein lies our
fault.” (Henry Morton Stanley)

Since Stanley became the first man to cross Africa and write about it
for the New York Herald, the literary image of Africa has been inked
by foreign correspondents turned writers – Mark Twain, Ernest
Hemingway, Graham Greene, and Evelyn Waugh among them.
Can the continent ever escape the dark romantics?

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