Mau Mau Film Festival 6th – 10th August

The Kenya Human Rights Commission(KHRC) brings you Mau Mau Film Festival from 6th – 10th August
at the Alliance Francaise Auditorium. Entry is free.

Opening Night
Wed 6 Aug| 8pm
Mau Mau
a rock price hollywood production

8.45 pm
itungati: the mau mau story
a khrc production
Thur 7 aug |6.30 Pm
Mau Mau
I: images of colonisation & independence in kenya
mighty times: the legacy of Rosa Parks
fri 8 aug |6.3o pm
1857: the rising – the ballad of
India’s first uprising against British colonialism

sat 9 aug | 2.30 pm
commandante: oliver stone interviews fidel castro

4.30 pm
white man’s country
6.00 pm
the revolution  will not be televised
people power defeats coup against president chavez

sun 10 aug 2.30 pm
Ill: images of colonisation & independence in kenya
4.00 pm
the process: the cuban five – the untold story
1o years hands deals with their trial in usa
5:30 pm
celebrates the whole sweep of an american life

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