Mugshots;What the Hell Happened to D’Angelo?

For those of you like me who were wondering what happened to D’Angelo whom I could have sworn sang Naked in that video(yes you know which one – How does it feel, watch it here ).
He of Brown Sugar, Cruising, Devil’s Pie and who has fathered a Son, Michael Jr. with fellow Neo-soul singer Angie Stone.
He only released one Album, Brown Sugar and then went underground
Thanks to that video, D’Angelo was poised for super stardom, and the R&B renaissance he led was about to change the world. Instead, he fell into a spiral of substance abuse and arrests.

On a Sunday in April 2006, Gary Harris pulled up to D’Angelo’s large starter mansion outside Richmond, Virginia, in a limo. Harris, the A&R man who’d first signed D’Angelo in the early ’90s and who had overseen his 1995 debut, Brown Sugar, was on a mission: to escort the singer to Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Treatment Centre in Antigua.
As he walked into the spacious kitchen, Harris knew this wouldn’t be easy. Spread across the kitchen table, marble countertops, shelves — nearly every available flat surface — were empty alcohol bottles of all conceivable varieties. “There was scotch, vodka, beer,” Harris recalls. “While I was waiting for him, he emptied the contents out of the corners of three or four bottles to get a shot.” D’Angelo himself was unshaven, about 40 pounds overweight, and hadn’t packed. “He was trying to act like he didn’t know I was coming that day,” Harris says. (Read the rest of the story here)
I am still trying to get over the loss.I hope his family and friends can help him put it back together. 

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