A brawl brews @ WAPI over Mwafrika & Muki Garan’g

On Saturday I was rather confused, I had booked myself into two events and up until 9.30am I wasn’t sure which one to give a miss,my M.P or my Poetry, I chose the latter.
There was a Poetry workshop by Neema Ngwatilo at the British Council apart from the usual program(see previous post).
The session was a blast with many upcoming and defined poets in the room. There was also alot of interraction between the host and the attendants. This was in one of the workshop rooms inside the B.C premises.
Well the day’s program at the Parking lot was running as planned with performances by Abbas Kubaff, Obaladan, Bad Mann College(loved their reggae music) and many others.

Drama started when Kimya (Bamboo’s Brother) who went on stage with Ukoo Flani (yes, the Coast based Hip-Hop group). They were the last act for the day.I am not sure whether Kimya has not joined the group or he was curtain raising for them(pun intended). Well, he announced to the huge WAPI crowd tha there were 2 people he wanted to know what they were. He later went on to mention their names, Muki Garan’g and Mwafrika calling them arseholes(in Swa which sounded worse).
This did not go well with the crowd that had by now moved from their seats and were standing waiting to hear the Ukoo Flani crew roga them. The crowd started booing him amidst the shouts of the Ukoo Flani crew who on sensing the discontent started belting out their hits. The crowd was not hearing any of this and many started walking out in protest.
The U.F group was unperturbed by this turn of events as they went on. A few brave Emcees who did not take this insult to their mentors well, went onto the stage seeking to stop the show. Point Blank, the event host barred them from taking the mic and requested them to take their grievances outside of B.C.
I did not want to be at the showdown as it looked like it would be ugly. The U.F crew was still hanging around within the confines of B.C as a mammoth crowd shouted for them to walk out ” if they were real men!”
I was later informed that the scuffle between Kimya and Ghetto Radio had started some while back and it seems like he had decided to take it personally with Muki and Mwaf.
Well informed sources tell me that the U.F crew did finally leave BC(the mean guards there were not going to entertain small time artist fights). Kimya did receive some flying objects onto his face.
Could someone tell me if this is turning into the whole East Coast, West Coast Bullcrap that got one of the best Rappers dead?(R.I.P Tupac)and over what?
I didn’t see any women falling over themselves for any Emcee, neither did I see any spinners or bling!
So what is the fight over! enlighten me.

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