Bridge Theatre @ RaMoMa 26th Sept, 6pm

ArtBridge is a theatre company that involves artistes from Hot Sun film foundation, S.A.F.E Ghetto, Hip Hop Parliament, Sarakasi, Heartstrings Kenya, L.D.P, Bush Foundation, and Rainmaker, as well as individuals. They have been doing a series of workshops together, facilitated by a team of professional theatre makers from the UK, director Sarah Chew, designer Sue Hill, producer Sarah Kell, and filmmaker Kate Copstick.

To celebrate what they have been working on for the last 6 months, they are presenting an exhibition of performances at 7pm on the 26th Sept at RaMoMA, 2nd Parklands Avenue, tickets KSH 600.

Tickets are available at Dormans coffee shops at the Village Market, the Nakumatt Junction, Sarit Centre and Karen, and also at RaMoMA. Free parking.

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