PEN International-Kenyan Chapter : Commemorating Mahmoud Darwish, 5th Oct,2008

You are invited to join writers, poets and human rights activists across the world in a commemorative reading of the poems of Mahmoud Darwish this Sunday, October 5th, hosted by PEN-Kenya Chapter.

DATE: Sunday October 5
TIME: 2pm
For details, please contact
Kingwa Kamenchu – (0722 625453) khangwa(at)
Philo Ikonya ( 0723 846 708) philonikonya(at)

This is also your opportunity to join PEN-Kenya (annual membership Ksh. 2,000), and become a part of the international fellowship of writers supporting human rights and global justice.

Similar events will be held on the same day, in Egypt, Sudan, Senegal, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, on the African continent, and numerous other locations globally.

One of the most eminent poets in the history of world literature, and a leading voice of the Palestinian people, Darwish died on 9 August, 2008. This worldwide day of commemoration, initiated by the Berlin Literature Festival, will honor his work and his lifetime commitment to promoting peaceful and just coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians. More information, and a full listing of reading and activities around the world, can be found at the Berlin International Literature Festival

Darwish’s work has particular relevance to our struggles for justice in Kenya. His poems have been in my mind frequently during the past 10 months, through the post-election violence and the challenges that followed.

The Nairobi Reading on October 5th will include other literature and poetry on themes Darwish addresses. A group of girls will share M.L. King’s I Have A Dream in local languages. Other Kenyan poets will read their original works.
Join PEN-Kenya for this feast of poetry to nourish our movements for peace, truth and justice in Kenya.
Read some of the  works by Mahmoud Darwish here

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