Know Kenya Course 2008, 27th Oct – 1st Nov:Kenya Museum Society

The Kenya Museum Society of Kenya presents: Know Kenya Course Programme from 27th Oct – 1st Nov, 2008.

The Know Kenya  Course (KKC) is an annual event of the Kenya Museum Society, open to everyone living in Kenya, newcomers and residents alike targeted at those  keen to learn more about Kenya. The event has attracted many embassies and international organisations who have made the Know Kenya Course part of their newcomer orientation programme.  It is a chance for professional tour guides  to broaden their knowledge of the country. The KKC presents a varied programme of morning and evening lectures, behind-the-scenes visits to Museum departments and an all-day field trip on the final day.  One can attend one or all of the activities, depending on their schedule.
This year’s topics and presenters offer a diverse look at lesser-known and better-known aspects of Kenya, including:

  • Sacred Sites and Monuments – Dr. Mzalendo Kibunjia
  • Prehistory in Kenya – Dr. Meave Leakey
  • Challenges of Nationhood and Identity in Kenya – Mr. John Sibi- Okumu
  • Whose Kenya?: Debunking the Gaze, Reimagining the Space – Ms. Joyce Nyairo
  • Human Rights/Gender Issues – Ms. Muthoni Wanyeki and the Honourable Njoki Ndung’u
  • Political Cartoons and the Media – Gado 
  • Economic Development in Kenya: The Real Issues – Mr. Sunny Bindra 
  • Elephant Conservation – Ms. Paula Kahumbu
  • The African Baobab Tree – Mr. Rupert Watson
  • Kenya: A Country in the Making 1880-1940 – Mr. Nigel Pavitt
  • Birds in Kenya – Mr. Munir Virani
  • Sports Panel – Moderated by Martin Keino and featuring Mr. Paul Tergat and Ms. Tegla Lorupe
  • ‘The Building of the Uganda Railway –   Otherwise known as the Lunatic Line’ –  Mr. Bryan Harris

The Films

The films include:

  • Queen of the Trees – presented by the film makers Victoria and Mark Deeble,
  • Echo of the Elephants: The Last Chapter to be introduced by Dr. Cynthia Moss and
  • World on a String: The Eternal Bead – introduced by Mr. Alan Donavan.

 The Know Kenya Course is a major fund raising event of the Museum Society, and the speakers, lecturers and presenters all generously share their knowledge free of charge.  The funds raised support the National Museums through the KMS grant programme. All proceeds from the Know Kenya Course will go to the National Museums of Kenya.
Full course participation at the Know Kenya Course is for KMS members only. 
As a full course participant you get the benefit of an inclusive price for day and evening lectures, field trip with buffet lunch and information folders. You can join the society  when you come to the KMS office to register.
Download a course outline and final timetable

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