African Lens – The Story of Priya Ramrakha (Winner, Best East African Film, Zanzibar Film Festival, 2008)@ Alliance, 25th Oct.

African Lens – The Story of Priya Ramrakha – A film by Shravan Vidyarthi (Winner, Best East African Film, Zanzibar Film Festival, 2008) will be showing at the Alliance Francaise during the Kenya International Film Festival  on Saturday, October 25, 5:30pm
African Lens depicts the tumultuous and dynamic period of 1960’s
Africa through the long-forgotten photos of Priya Ramrakha. One of
Kenya’s first photojournalists, and one of the first Africans to shoot
for Life (once America’s most famous picture magazine), Ramrakha
embraced Africa’s people and events as a personal subject.

In 1968, Priya Ramrakha was killed while on assignment for Life,
covering the civil war in Biafra, Nigeria. He was 33 years old.

Since his death, Priya’s work has never been displayed. His stunning
portraits of African life were never exhibited. His photographs for
Life were never republished. Until now, his story has never been told.

African Lens features Priya’s work, as well as rare news reels from
iconic moments of African history, including the Mau Mau confilict,
Kenyan independence, and speeches by Tom Mboya and Jomo Kenyatta. The film also includes interviews with renowned photographers,
journalists, and historians, including: Morley Safer (CBS News, 60
Minutes), Dr. Ali Mazrui (African Studies scholar), the late Achieng
Oneko (former editor of Ramogi, Kenya’s first Luo newspaper), Fitz
D’Souza (human rights lawyer), Peter Sissons (BBC correspondent).

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