Poets & Artists Celebrate Daniel Pearl World Music Days @ Paa Ya Paa Gallery

I had a rather hectic weekend, and at some point, a clash of interests(that is what happens when you have lots of things to do and very little time, yet u still want to do them all)
I had been invited by Elimu Njau and his wife Phillda to get fellow poets for an event at their gallery in Kiambu in celebration of the Daniel Pearl World music day.(see earlier post here).
I managed to get Mike Kwambo, Grand Master Masese(see photo as he poses with his Obokano) Denis Inkwa and Obaladan (although Obala got stuck in Kajiado that day and couldn’t make it back to Nrb in time for the show)
The event was set to start at 3.30pm in the leafy suburbs of Central province with various groups both local and some from as far as Sudan poised to share the stage.
And boy, did I have a hectic time getting there! At 2.20pm I was still somewhere in Kabete. Needless to say, I arrived at the venue at 3.55pm-breathless.
Fortunately the event was just starting although the place was already packed with dignitaries from the US Embassy, friends of Paa ya Paa, invited guests and artists.
After a brief intro of the event and the person behind it(Daniel Pearl) by Elimu Njau, the program started with a further intro by Ellen Bienstock, the US Embassy Cultural Attache`.
The Counselor for public Affairs at the US Embassy, TJ Dowling also gave a few remarks after which the performances started.
Among the groups that performed were; Ensemble Bush Bach(a group in which Phillda Njau is a pianist)
Zare Folk group from Darfur Sudan, ACREF Singers and dancers from Kalapapla Baganda, Kuruka Maisha and the 4 poets among other solo artists.
The turn out on Saturday for the event was quite amazing as Mrs. Njau later confessed to me, she had actually been worried that very few would come.
She is making plans to have a monthly evening event of performance arts. Details will be posted here.
As part of the celebration, there will be a showing of the Daniel Pearl fild ‘A Mighty Heart” starring Angelina Jolie. It has been produced from a memoir by his wife, Marianne Pearl. The film will be shown at the Ridgeways Baptist Church on Church lane, Ridgeways on Wednesday 29th at 5.30. Entrance is free.

Find time and visit the Paa ya Paa gallery if you have never been there. They may be reached on info(at)paayapaa(dot)com.

It is unfortunate that I couldn’t not make it for the forum Jacob Oketch had invited me for at the Goethe Institute. My apologies.
On a painful note, I am now nursing some serious muscle aches after some real running in the Stanchart Marathon on Sunday. 10KMs is no joke! See photos on SportsKenya

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