Tandaa 2008: Kenya Content Conference, 14th Nov,08 @ KICC

The Kenya ICT Board will be holding the Kenya Content Conference dubbed “TANDAA 2008” at the KICC on 14th Nov,2008. Tandaa is Kiswahili for spread or network (verb). At this conference, the board will launch the National Digital Content Strategy – the plan that will be used to stimulate Local Content Development in Kenya. The Kenya ICT Board has targeted to grow internet usage by 50% annually from the current 3 Million users to 12 Million users in 2012. The Local Development Programme is seen as pivotal to the optimal usage of the infrastructure that is being developed by the Kenya government i.e. the Undersea Optic Fibre Cable project and the National Optic Fibre Cable project, both of which are expected to be in Kenya in the coming

In addition, the Local Content Development programme is complimentary to the board’s Rural Inclusion programme – Digital Villages Project that has been branded Pasha. Tandaa08 will be an ideal platform to sensitize Kenyans on:-
• Business and other opportunities that lie in Content Development
o Business applications Development and promotion mechanisms
o Entertainment media and Community Publishing

• Ongoing initiatives by government and public sector for creating an enabling environment for Content Development
o Business incubation mechanism
o Develope Venture Capital system
o Aligning policy and incentives to support content development

• How to identify relevant local content
• The collection and preservation of traditional content
• The distribution of content of all kinds to every Kenyan who needs it

Tandaa ’08 is organised under the following Kenya ICT Board strategic Objective:
• To develop and promote competitive ICT industries in Kenya through:
Enlisting key sponsors of Tandaa08 will achieve the following objectives:

• Excite participants on the emerging opportunities that are developing in the field of content development

• Sensitize participants of the ways that content works with the other existing ICT initiatives in the support
of content development entrepreneurship

• The Kenya ICT Board will launch the Kenya Content Strategy

Some of the  the speakers will be the PS. Dr. Ndemo, Hon. Poghisio, Linus Gitahi of NMG, Hillary Ng’weno, Muthoni Garland.

Microsoft, Google, RiverWood, Kencall and strathmore Business School will also be represented by their respective speakers.
Kwani Trust will provide entertainment through its Poets.
To Register, log on to the Tandaa Website or email

This will indeed be a great opportunity to bloggers like me and many other individuals/companies that have alot of content that has not yet been  digitized

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