Tandaa Conference: Live Coverage

I am currently at the much anticipated Tandaa conference that started today at the KICC.
The event started slightly late with most of the morning speakers missing their slots.
So far we have heard from Paul Kukubo, the Kenya ICT Board CEO, the PS, DR. Bitange Ndemo also gave a talk on the Government policy on National Content Development.
The Cisco team was also in the house as they are also working very closely with the Kenya ICT Board in the laying of infrastructure as well as providing advice on best practices. Prof. Patrick Spenser, the Internet Business Solution Group(IBSG), an arm of Cisco gave a talk on ‘Connection Nation: Driving change and growth.
Prof. Henry Thairu, gave a talk on E-learning in Kenya in retrospect to the developed world, this is also in a backdrop of the current distribution of internet infrastructure in the world.
Ian Fernades of the Nation Media Group was also present and spoke on the importance of local content and the repurcussions. He however tried advocating against giving content for free(mostly in the case of Media houses) but I tend to differ with him on this as most internetional media houses, an example being CNN, have made their content free, maximizing on advertising.
The Capital group headed by Cyrus Kamau and Sheanice presented ‘The Media Focus’ wondering if Media was dead giving way to new media.
We’ve also heard from Joseph Mucheru of Google on local content and what Google is doing in this regards
We are now back for the afternoon session.
I will be updating you  later. Photos coming up soon also

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