Exhibition: Works by Sophie Walbeoffe & Jason Corder RaMoMA Gallery, 3rd Dec,08

RaMoMA Museum of Modern Art invites you to the opening of the following exhibitions
on 3rd December 2008 from 6pm

• ValDor Gallery
New Journeys – an exhibition of works by Sophie Walbeoffe.
Sophie Walbeoffe BA hons Studied painting at the Wimbledon School of Art. In 1987 she arrived in Kenya with Operation Raleigh as the expedition artist and met her husband in Maralal who was setting up a camel project for Farm Africa. She now lives in Nairobi whilst their herd of sixty camels happily reside below the Ngongs in the Rift valley and continue to inspire her painting.
This exhibition features oils and watercolours of Italian and French cities plus landscapes of Kenya.

• Dodhia Gallery
The Jacaranda Conundrum – An exhibition by Jason Corder
Jason Corder has worked and exhibited all over the world. In May of this year he started working at the studio here at RaMoMA and produced this series of paintings directly inspired by Nairobi and more specifically by Parklands and the streets around the studio. Many of the collage elements were found in the nearby streets and lanes. Jason uses many other natural and salvaged materials including red Kenyan earth, ash, plant fibres and pigments. Of the work he says, “I hope that each of the paintings can act as a link between the viewer and the earth. Each part of the earth contains its own energy, its own colours and light, its own stories. In the work I attempt to transmit this energy, to tell these stories. To appreciate the bounty around us, to find beauty among decay, this is my daily challenge as an artist.” He is the recipient this year of a Ballinglen Fellowship and was nominated for the Sovereign European Art Prize. And he has started teaching at the University of Nairobi where he hopes to pass on his experience to the next generation of Kenyan artists.

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