Documentary: Who killed Walter Benjamin @ Alliance Francaise, 8th Dec,6pm

The embassies of Spain, Israel and the French Cultural Center will present, as part of their cultural program, an evening dedicated to the literary critic, essayist, translator and philosopher Walter Benjamin.
On Monday, 8th December, 18.00, the documentary, “Who killed Walter Benjamin” will be screened at the Alliance Francaise Auditorium. The Producer and Director of the documentary, Mr. Davis Mauas, will be present.
There will be a discussion thereafter from 7.30pm headed by a panelist of various Kenyan writers.


In September 1940, after seven years of exile, Walter Benjamin crosses the Pyrenees in a desperate attempt to escape the Nazis.According to the official version, Walter Benjamin did make it across the French –Spanish border successfully. But when he arrives in the Catalan town of Portbou, a sudden change in legislation impeded his entry into Spain and he was obliged to spend the night at a local hotel under the close vigilance of three guards, whose orders were to deport him the following morning. In utter despair, Benjamin took his own life, swallowing an overdose of morphine. The local doctor, however, declared it a natural death and Benjamin was given a Catholic burial in the municipal cemetery, under a wrong name. Did the doctor conceal some hidden cause of Benjamin’s death? Was there really a change of legislation? Was Walter Benjamin aware that Portbou was a pro-Franco town virtually occupied by the Nazis?

WHO KILLED WALTER BENJAMIN…reaches for answers among the suspicious
circumstances of his death. Giving at the same time, a portrait of a
frontier town anchored between two fronts, constant witness of
evasion, persecution and false hopes.

WHO KILLED WALTER BENJAMIN…not just a reconstruction of a death, but
the living portrait of the scene of the crime.

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