The Boys Choir,Tony Nyadundo, Churchill/Ndambuki & Carol Nderitu to perform at Obama’s inauguration

It seems like Kenyan Music, comedy and Poetry might just be showcased during the inauguration of the US President- elect, Barrack Obama on January 20th.

The Boys’ Choir who I have featured on this blog before, Tony Nyadundo, Dan Dambuki and Carol Nderitu are among those who will entertain the crowd that will be gathered to witness the historic event.

The choir, which has travelled to the USA for performances three times this year, will hold Kenya’s flag high during the event.The Boys have been invited by the US government through the Government of Kenya to perform during the auspicious event.
It will be the only African choral singing team to perform in the historical event where the first African American will be named President of the United States of America.
According to the group’s founder and artistic director Joseph Muyale, the group leaves for Washington on January 15. They have prepared a special repertoire of African choral music to remind Mr Obama of his African roots.The group’s performance will accord Kenya a special mention by reminding the world that Mr Obama’s roots are in Kenya.
The group, which performs folk tunes in all Kenyan languages, is known as a choral group because they do not use any audio back up. Instead, they perform live music using their melodious voices and basic traditional African instruments.
The group was founded five years ago by Muyale, a music writer, composer, director and conductor. It is comprised of high school boys and a few university students.
Its not yet clear what Mwalimu King’ang’i/Churchill/Dan will be doing at the Inauguration ceremony, could he be taking the role of the co-MC. I can already see it now, the big break for Churchill into full standup comedy stealing the limelight from Chris Rock who has been Rocking the Standup comedy scene in the US and beyond.
As for Nderitu, I hope that she will not ashame Kenyans and to a large extent Blacks who have produced some of the best Poets the world has ever seen (I mentioned the poets in a previous post).
The invitations have been made by the US Government through the Gok. Read the full story here.
I hope the invited artists will not only do us proud but also proove that art indeed does thrive in Kenya.

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