Art Exhibitions and Films: New Art work Exhibiting at RaMoMa from 14th Jan,09

You are invited to the following exhibitions RaMoMA Museum of Modern Art opening on 14th January 2009 form 6pm

ValDor Gallery – Ehudi Kichapi – “Elaborations”
Jessenganga who goes by the name Ehudi Kichapi started his first paintings as an instructor for Kuruka Maisha group in 2002. He begun by doing caricatures before stumbling across the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat. This he says was a turning point. He says that Basquiat presents such a dialogue, so intense, that if he can manage half that, then that would be success for him. Elaborations is the first exhibition that Jesse has held where he hopes to make his work totally accessable to the general public.
A lot of his work is inspired on two fronts; by street children (whom he teaches and hopes one day to ctreate an art centre entirely dedicated to them) and mentally disturbed people. For him the latter holds a very special place in his heart. He has spent a lot of time with people with this special condition and believes they should be having many more opportunities and better treatment than they have. He is so passionate as he talks about them and hopes he could enlighten society to their plight.

ValDor Gallery Annex Guillermina Dulché
Guillermina Dulché is a Mexican painter trained at the National Art School of Mexico (San Carlos). She won a fellowship for a postgraduate year in Paris, at the “Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts”. Afterward she worked as a graphic designer at the National Institute of History and Anthropology and for different private institutions. She is a member of the Salon of Mexican Art, a prestigious association for Mexican artists. She has been the recipient of many prizes and is currently cited in a number of artistic publications. She has participated in more than 200 colective art exhibitions and more than 40 private exhibitions.

Dodhia Gallery Jacob Njoroge Wachira
Born in Nairobi, Jacob Njoroge Wachira “Ezigbo” recalls one of his favorite things to do was to create brightly colored murals on the sides of the houses in Mathare as a small boy. He adopted the name Ezigbo for art later (ezigbo- meaning “the good one” from the Ibo community of Nigeria). In 2002 Ezigbo won the Ruth Hunt Wood Foundation Artist Award, which provided him an opportunity to spend a semester studying and instructing at the University of Kentucky and Somerset Community College. Ezigbo founded Watoto Wa Kwetu in 2004 where he began offering free art workshops to local children from his home in Mathare. Watoto Wa Kwetu became an official Trust in 2006 and continues to grow today. Ezigbo says “My paintings are the only voice I have and which I sometimes hide behind, as people who live in Mathare don’t really have a voice. There is never a lack of inspiration to paint! It is in the people that I see each day and the ways they interact with each other that inspire my paintings; Love, romance, politics, and religion have been depicted repeatedly in my work. As I paint my style changes from abstracted impressionism to figurative abstract. My medium is oil on canvas and mix media.”

Ford RoomEirik Jarl Trondsen
The artistic world of Eirik Jarl Trondsen (EJT) is colourful and energetic. Abstract paintings, often showing form dissolving, and regaining form are a trademark. The transition between form and the formless and organic forms on several levels are prominent.
His painting style is fast and expressive, often his paintings are created in one continuous session over a long day. He had formal art training at Holbæk Art College, Denmark in 1995. His previous exhibitions include Diani Art Show 08, Kusini café (2007/2008), Ghetto Art exhibition (2005), Zanzibar/ZIFF Exhibition 2004, Holbæk art exhibitions (1995). Eirik Jarl Trondsen was born in Oslo Norway 1969. He is currently based in Msambweni, on the south coast of Kenya.
Rahimtulla Galley RaMoMA Collection
Visit some of the works that RaMoMA has in it’s permanent collection from various artists.

Carol Dunlop’s RaMoMA Film Society January 2008

The films will be a collection of lesser known “thinking people’s “ films. Below is a brief description of these films, and the dates they will be shown. The description will be brief, and a chance to discuss after the film, so that you see through your own eyes, and not a predigested explanation.
The films will be shown at 6.30 pm on Sunday nights, as listed. There will be wine to buy, by the glass and bitings.
The charge for ten films will be 3000 ksh.for a membership This will help insure the smooth running of the films. Tickets will be sold at the door, the last 10 minutes before the film, if there is space(.Please carry a cushion with you to ensure your comfort)

January 25th— Six Degrees of Seperation
Srockard Channing, Will Smith and Donald Sutherland, star in this adaptation of a broadway play.Comedy and social commentary about the sepeartion of the haves and have nots.. and the theory that we are connected to the whole world through six people .. a comedy with a twist of sadness.(US )
February 1- Himalaya
Beautifully photographed story about the traditional journey taking salt to market by yak train. Affected by the traditional spiritual signs and the laws of Karma,, the journey is a passage of the old to the young.(French)
February 15.- Don’t Look Now
Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland play in this Daphne Du Maurier shattering story; directed by Nicholas Roeg.. It is set in Venice in the sixties, a poignant mediation on love and loss; on prescience and the disaster of not taking heed. (English),
March 1- Kagemusha ( The Shadow Warrior)
A Kurosawa film with Lucas and Coppola in conjunction; wonderful scenes of medieval Japan . A powerful warlord is dying and they find a double to replace him., with the hope of keeping the kingdom stable. They successfully take a criminal and school him, and fool everyone…. But he cannot leave the one thing which would unseat him. ( Japan)
March 22- Into the West
Gabriel Byrne and Ellen Barkin made this film independently , when they were married. Two boys ride a horse into the West of Ireland. The horse in an alagorical figure, for a journey into release, knowledge and understanding. Beautifully filmed, very touching, very unusual.( Irish).
April 5- Hotel Sorrento
Caroline Goodall and Joan Plowright
Three sisters , who grew up in a small Australian Coastal town, have grown away. The reunion rekindles memories and unspoken feelings, and when trajedy strikes , they discover their lives will never be the same. ( Australian).
April 19 Death in Venice
Visconti’s film is the film of the Thomas Mann classic novel of Gustav Aschenbah’s secret passion, which foreshadows the end. Beautifully filmed, slowly unveiling shots of Venice.. Dirk Bogarde’s masterful performance, set to Gustav Mahler’s music. ( Italian)
May 3 – Walkabout
Nicholas Roeg’s early film starring Jenny Agutter and Davil Dilpil about a journey across the outback in Australia , which is also a journey from adolescence to manhood; with the stress of encroaching civilization in the mix. ( Australian).
May 17- Harold and Maude
A Cult classic film, this film was the masters thesis of a student, and for ten years this film could be seen somewhere, in Los Angeles every night. Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort are one of the screens most unlikely pair, and the whole movie is about the stretch of one’s imagination. ( US)
May 31- Belly of an Architect
Brian Dennehy plays in this gentle moving movie shot on a long lens with wonderful shots of Rome. Possessed with the ten year project of staging an exhibition of the architect Boulee’s work in Rome, Dennehey looses all perspective.( Italian)
June 14 Waking Ned Divine
Ian Bannen and James Nesbitt play in this quirky film about a man who wins the lottery, and dies of shock. The townspeople refuse to let the money go back to the lottery so they then conspire to create another Ned Divine. ( Irish)

Please contact Carol Dunlop at tel 0733 552 999 to become a member.

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