Cultural Festival: Sauti Za Busara Zanzibar, 12th -17th Feb,09

The Sauti za Busara (Sounds of Wisdom) cultural festival held annually in Zanzibar Island is back. In its sixth edition now, Sauti za Busara music festival is an international festival celebrating East African music taking place around the second weekend of February each year in Zanzibar.

Featuring top-quality musical performances by more than 400 established and upcoming artists (40 groups in total), Sauti za Busara has already established itself as one of Africa’s leading music festivals. It’s an event that unites people in celebration.

This year is a particularly unique one as it the Festival will incorporate Hip Hop music through collaboration with WAPI(Words And PIctures), a platform for underground artists funded by The British Council. The artists will be under the banner “The best of WAPI”.
WAPI is currently in over 5 countries in Africa and is quickly becoming synonymous with underground visual and performing artists in Hip-hop, poetry and graffiti art.
Other notable artist who will be at the festival will be Samba Mapangala and the Orchestra Virunga, Mutinda from Kenya(he recently released his debut album) and Iddi Achieng also from Kenya.

Admission is free to everyone daily from 4pm until sunset. After that you one will need a ticket or pass. Prices will vary for citizens, residents, and visitors. VIP tickets will be available for those who will prefer seating.

Here  is a list of the artists who will be performing including their profiles.

It might help to refine your Kiswahili  as it is the National language,go here for a rough guide and here for the real deal

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