Gogosimo, Yunasi & Muthoni at Blanket & Wines, 1st February 09

Blankets&Wine is the premier picnic style, Afro-based music festival in East Africa. Bring your friends and Family, some wine (or choice of drink), a picnic basket (or your choice of food) some maasai shukas/kikoys and join us as we share an afternoon of chilling on the grass, watching music and hanging loose:)

Muthoni MUSIC is very pleased to be hosting the following bands  on February 1st, from 1pm – 6pm at the

Tayiana Garden SPa and Stables on Ridgeways Road

GogoSimo was founded in Mombasa in 2001 by Susan Wanjiru and James Jozee and is now a 7 member band. Gososimo’s music is a blend of coastal music, other African tempos and a sprinkling of western instrumentation and arrangement creating a unique East African Sound.
On their sophomore offering “Heshimu,” Gogosimo is already attracting international recognition, collaborating with the world renown “Papa Wemba” on the tittle track “Heshimu”. This band is sure to get you on your feet, dancing along to their rich sound. Blankets & Wine is
proud to host Gogosimo for the first time.

The winners of the 2007 BBC ‘Next Big Thing’ competition, Yunasi, is an exceptional band of 8 men from East Africa and a French woman. Singing in several languages including Swahili, English, French, Luo, Kisii and Luhya, Yunasi has developed a unique East African music style called SESUBE which is a combination of sega, isikuti and benga. It takes sounds and inspirations from local Kenyan communities, cultural styles and languages and fuses those sounds with a European component proving that East African music is not only strong, but is more inventive and vibrant than that from other parts of the continent! Blankets & Wine is pleased to host this widely traveled, critically acclaimed and accomplished band.

One of the most talented singers, songwriters, poet and performer to hit the East African music scene. Using a blend of rhythms,Muthoni’s music is a collection of conscious messages informed by the urban African experience. Her running commentary on Afro-politics, Love, Relationships and New Spirituality, delivered in song and a type of spoken poetry called “Floems” is entertaining and awakening. Blankets& Wine© is delighted to host Muthoni making her third appearance at the festival.

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