An African reality TV show in Kenya, Africa’s World Best Reality TV talent

Kenya has been selected as the country where a new African reality TV show will be hosted and Nairobi will be the city.

The international show called Africa’s World Best (AWB) reality TV talent show is the first of its kind to bring together 60 Africans from Africa, Europe and USA into one house competing for one title with the biggest prize in the history of African TV to be won. The show will involve talents such as singing, acting, performing arts, Comedy, poetry, script writing, dressmaking, jewellery making, sculpturing, dancing and other unique talents.

AWB reality TV Talent Show is a show by Africans for Africans. It is a way of empowering Africans, appreciating African talent and believing in the African youth and children.
Apart from being an international entertainment and media company, AWB has created a non-profit entrepreneurial foundation called ‘AWB Together’. This is a foundation that will encourage social enterprise through partnering with various organisations. The foundation will assist youth entrepreneurs and establish creational and educational centres for children and youth of Africa.
The winner of Africa’s World Best will receive the following:

* A cash prize of USD $100,000
* A brand new car
* An opportunity to perform at African Union(AU) conference in front of all
African Heads of States, dignitaries
* Trips to Europe and America to promote Africa in a positive way;
* The status of being an Africa’s World Best and the Ambassador for our
Humanitarian and Educational projects in Africa.
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