Poem: A Dreamer’s Bed

Serenades of whiskey
beneath your tattered sheets,
Sweet misery,
forever yours to keep.
She left you
For the rich man’s gold
Reminding you
Of the soul you sold
but tomorrow will come
masked in curtains of haze
What a waste!
Nothing true ever comes your way.
Her lips were cursed
They stole the passion you had.
Where is your sky?
Your earth?
All traded in
for the world’s cruel hand.
Come be,
All wounds heal.
Now you sleep
life has shun you out,
Let you let it pass by.
As you wait
For the reaper’s next call,
You drown in death’s scent.
Sunset is near its end.
Reminisce those reckless days,
When the wind brought to you
the tips of the stars
And they made
The earth stand still.
The dreams you cast,
seek their dreamer’s past,
In ashes, in seas, in graves.
Their scorned laughter
Undone by their dreamer’s glow.
Oh sire of fools:
It’s time to begin the show!
Connie Mutua
All rights Reserved©

Connie Mutua is a 20 year student of IR at USI who loves writing more than anything else.. She has been writing since she knew how to hold a pen and she is quite fascinated by the tenets of poetry. She also love music mostly rock, country, classical, afro-fusion, jazz and definitely local music as well. She will be starting a blog soon to feature her poetry and other items of interest. Send her your comments on this poem to niekamwitika(at)yahoo.com

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