Poem: When to Trust Politicians

©Bildad Mathenge

When every pressing matter gets done at hand
And corruption worse than prostitution
Gets eschewed
And a well-regulated arrogance
Gets shrouded, deep down the cold earth
Then give a politician your confidence and trust

When pragmatic gets formulated danger policies
And our words-clarion calls by their ears
Not violated
And dishonest and dubious aspersions cast not
And stop they hiding behind the parliamentary privileges
And wriggled out of their covering cocoons
Then give a politician your confidence and trust

When the hunger-stricken and the sick are for catered
And a breathe for humanity gets breathed
And your interests, mine gets placed
Before his or hers
Then give a politician your confidence and trust

When committed constitutional reviews are embarked on
And our lives for a roller coaster taken not
And the Rule of law respected
And the laws that enjoin these miscreants promulgated are
And the absolute powerful & Guilty executed are
At the international Tribunal
Then give a politician your confidence and trust!

Bildad Mathenge
aged 19yrs is a poet who recently finished his O level studies. He started writing poems during his high school days. His poems revolve around issues in our society such as politics, corruption, love, Rape and sundry. He intends his poems to criticize evils that have plagued our society. You can reach him on bilmathenge(at)gmail.com
He was quite inspired by the story on yours truly in the local dailies and will soon be starting his own blog to share more of his poetry.

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