Poem: No One

There is sadness tonight
Even the air refuses to breathe.
Should I fall in these city nights
Cascade in love’s blinding lights,
I will wan and fade away.
Completely deny salvation of sight.

This heart that beats
Only calls those like me.
Whisked by cold
Inside the searing heat.
It cannot praise true ways
When it is tainted
In fear’s haze.
Your hand is not mine to take.

A silhouette of a stranger’s gaze
Trapped inside my window’s grave
Burns through midnight flames
Burns like passion’s night.
Yet I might hold you
Stronger then ties of hate
Selfishly kiss you
To devilish lows
But those were just dreams
I wanted to mend.

A babe’s joy-knowing, discovering
Gracefully drained by cowering veins.
Those memories I chose to save
Of aching sorrow as rising crescendos
My innocence gladly gone
Never yours to fully taste.

I will not forget to always cry
Ruptured by eerie climax
Undone by shredded desire.
Make me your constant shadow
Forever there amongst the fallen.
A virgin unscathed
By heathen regard.

I will send the wind
To beg you luck
For I cannot spread my wings
To another’s touch.
This body in wishful mind
Bound to you in swift’s sin
So given to the tragedies within
No path to walk to me.

Bid goodnight
It is always night
These grains of sand
You cannot hold.
My heart and soul
Like empty gold
Never there for you to mould
Connie Mutua
All rights Reserved©


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