Pictures of WAPI at the Kenyan British High Commissioner’s residence on 28th, Feb 09

On 28th February 09, the WAPI family was at the British High Commissioner’s residence in Muthaiga following an invite by the BC(British Council) which has been supporting WAPI since its inception.

Hip Hop artists like the Ukoo Flani Fraternity(Wakamba Wawili, Wenyeji), Mistarii, Morokko, Big Mike, poets like yours truly, Octopizzle, Nuru Bahati, Tim Mwaura, graffiti artists(Uhuru, Bankslave) and fashion models were among the invited guests. The mainstream media houses and journalists were also present as were other invited friends of WAPI.

The event which started at exactly 1pm was aimed at bringing WAPIans together to celebrate the achievements of WAPI as a platform for artists.

It was a typical barbeque( nyamachoma) laid back sunny afternoon with lots of food, drink, and great music.
There was an entertainment program which featured poets, hip hop artists, Fashion show as well as jazz music with Chris Bitok.

Graffiti artists had a ball spraying the BHC’s house with images of Kimathi, burning flames and all manner of inspiring artworks.

Click here to view the photos. Enjoy!

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