Music: The Rise and Fall of Keite Young

I stumbled upon a rather intriguing site for all Soul(neo and retro) lovers out there, That is where I got to know who Keite Young is.

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Young’s dichotomy is rooted in a large family ruled by spirituality and music. His mother and father both sang and toured in fellow Texan Kirk Franklin’s group The Family. Young himself sang lead vocal on Let My People Go, Franklin/Family’s contribution to 1998’s The Prince of Egypt soundtrack, and he joined his parents as a performer during Franklin’s Nu Nation Tour. Listen up and bear witness to The Rise and Fall of Keite Young, current emphasis being the rise.

If you are a great fan of D’Angelo or Maxwell, then you will definitely love Keite. Sample more of his music here. Now I have something to tune my ears to over the weekend.

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